Top 10 MyScoreIQ Blogs of 2022

Top 10 MyScoreIQ Blogs of 2022

by | Jan 11, 2023

We compiled a list of our top blog posts from the last year to find out what our audience most wanted to read about when it comes to credit reports and credit scores in 2022.

Our most popular topics concerned the different types of information in credit reports and how major life milestones can affect your credit.

These were the most searched and visited topics on the MyScoreIQ blog in 2022:

  1. Can Old Addresses Be Removed from Your Credit Report?
  2. Do You Need to Notify Credit Bureaus About a Death?
  3. How to Check Credit Scores Without a Social Security Number?
  4. Why Are There Multiple Names on My Credit Report?
  5. Does Inflation Affect Your Credit Score?
  6. Is It Better to Downgrade or Cancel a Credit Card?
  7. How to Prepare Your Credit Score for a Recession
  8. Does Child Support Affect Your Credit?
  9. Does Retirement Affect My Credit Score?
  10. What is a Delinquent Account on a Credit Report?

At MyScoreIQ services, we help you monitor your financial health with credit reports and FICO® Scores to help our members reach their financial goals. Our blog is a valuable source of information to learn how to manage your credit, interpret the information in your credit report and protect your credit through all kinds of milestones and life events.

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Strong credit can help you access the financial tools you need, qualify for better interest rates and even get your ideal job or rent your dream apartment. Understanding the information in your credit reports and knowing how different life events can impact your credit are two critical strategies for having a strong credit history.

But you also need to actively monitor your credit to know where you stand and ensure you’re being represented fairly and accurately. Watching your credit report can also help you identify warning signs of fraud early, helping you maintain good credit even when criminals seek to steal your identity.

To get access to regular copies of your credit report and extra tools to protect you from identity theft, sign up for a credit monitoring plan with MyScoreIQ services.

Premier Credit Monitoring.

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