Do You Know How to Check Your Credit Score?

Do You Know How to Check Your Credit Score?

by | Feb 11, 2021

Many people think there’s just one credit score, but in fact there are many. The most commonly-cited credit scores are your  FICO® Scores.

FICO® Scores are used in 90% of lending decisions, according to Fair Isaac Corp.

There are three main credit bureaus, Equifax® , Experian® , and TransUnion® . Each of these main credit bureaus use a slightly different version of the industry-specific FICO® Score.

All credit scores are based on your credit report, so to really stay up to date on your credit score, you can actively check your credit report.

You also might want to monitor your credit report and scores. You should look for a credit report monitoring service that includes credit reports and FICO® Scores along with score simulators, so you can see how making certain payments and other actions can affect your credit scores.

Staying on top of your three main credit scores can help you be prepared the next time you go to apply for a home loan, auto loan, credit card or other line of credit.

It also pays to know what credit score model your lender is using. This can help you know if your credit scores fall into a category that allows you to receive the best rate possible for a loan.

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*Source: Fair Isaac Corporation.

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