Be Prepared. Know Your FICO® Credit Score.

$34.99 a month

  • Credit Reports and FICO® Scores
  • Daily Monitoring & Alerts
  • Dark Web & Internet Monitoring
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*


Everything you need to Take Control of Your Credit & Identity

  • 3-Bureau FICO® Scores & Reports

    • Complete Credit Outlook from the 3 Major Credit Bureaus
    • Insights into Your Report Profile
    • 100% U.S.-Based Customer Service Support
  • Credit Monitoring

    • Daily Monitoring to Alert for Suspicious Activity
    • Alerts for New Accounts and Other Report Changes
    • Expert Service and Support
  • Identity Theft Monitoring

    • Social Security Number Alerts
    • Change-of-Address Notifications
    • National and International Criminal-Record Monitoring
    • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Fraud Restoration

    • U.S.-Based Identity Restoration Services
    • Dedicated Case Manager
    • Peace of Mind
  • $1 Million ID Theft Insurance

    • Up to $1 Million in Stolen Funds Reimbursement*
    • Coverage for Lawyers and Experts*
    • Coverage for Personal Expense Compensation*
  • FICO® Score Simulator

    • Easy-to-Use Online Simulator Tool
    • View Current Score and Changes Depending on Possible Payment Events or Other Actions
    • Assistance in Planning for Financial Future

Daily Monitoring

Active credit monitoring allows you to stay on top of your FICO® Scores. You also receive monitoring alerts for suspicious activity such as new credit inquiries, new loans and delinquent accounts that are reported in your name.

Identity Theft Protection

Along with credit monitoring, you receive identity theft protection with benefits that include monitoring for use of your Social Security number, dark web monitoring, enhanced change of address notifications and searching national and international criminal record databases for identity thieves committing crimes in your name.

Take Control of Your Credit